Waste Bin Rentals in Southeast Saskatchewan

Whether you need garbage bins for a quick cleanup project or on a more permanent basis, Goliath Disposal can help. We offer waste bin rentals for your specific needs and situation in southeast Saskatchewan.


What Sizes Do We Offer?


We offer a wide range of sizes. Currently, our waste bin sizes include any garbage bin from three cubic yards to 30 cubic yards. If you’re unsure which size is right for your company’s needs, we can evaluate your situation and recommend a size perfect for you.


Why Rent Garbage Bins?


Waste is something that all businesses need to deal with. However, instead of using company money to buy, maintain, and haul away your own bins, you can achieve the same goal without the expense by simply hiring Goliath Disposal. We provide the bin and take away the waste for you.


Additionally, when you rent bins for both your recycling and general waste needs, you can help the environment. Your employees can actively separate one waste item from another in a conscious effort to be more eco-friendly, and you can then let us take away your waste to the appropriate place.


And no matter what your specific goals are, waste bin rentals also add to the safety, cleanliness, and appearance of the workplace. Your employees don’t have to worry about random objects on the floor, and your waste won’t contribute to any health-related issues. Perhaps best of all, a clean workplace can help employees feel more productive and be proud of the company they work for.


How Can You Rent Our Garbage Bins?


If you want to rent waste bins from Goliath Disposal, then request a quote down below. If you have any questions, please call us at (306) 848-1008.